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Care and Feeding of your Facebook Page

4 April 11

Facebook is massive, it has over 500 million users, half of which log on every day. The following document outlines how to create and maintain an Internet presence that will best take advantage of this valuable community.

The Facebook Page
Until recently Facebook’s social network only allowed for individuals and groups to create profiles. However, with the introduction of Pages, Facebook now allows non-human entities to create a presence on their network.

Top Facebook Page Tips
Setting up a page is very easy. Just follow the instructions. Here are some additional considerations.

  • Use your logo as your profile picture
    Consider expanding your profile picture to 200 X 600.

  • Support your brand with your Page name
    Your Page name could be the same as your brand, or it could help support your brand. For instance, “Joe’s Pizza” could be “Joe’s Pizza, NY style calzones and subs”.

  • Write something about yourself
    Sounds good. But what? This small copy box offers a good opportunity to include a link to your website, or your twitter feed. You could also ask your visitors to suggest your Page to their friends.

  • Configure your settings for the most participation
    Set your wall permissions so that fans can write, post photos, videos and links to your wall. An active community will require more administrative time, however it’s better than no community at all.

    Top Facebook Community Tips
    Once you’ve set up a Page, you’ll need to maintain it. Posts on your Page will also appear on the Facebook wall for everyone who has ‘liked’ your page. This is a highly effective outreach tool.

  • Post often, but not too often
    Add content to your Facebook page, but not more than twice a day. If your Page gets spammy, people will unsubscribe.

  • Use images in your posts
    When you post a link, Facebook will offer thumbnail suggestions from the linked page. Try to choose an image will support your post. If you’re linking to your own website, include an image on your permalink page. Pick an image that will make your Facebook wall post really stand out.

  • Post videos whenever possible
    Upload videos for your wall that will display inside of Facebook’s media player. You can also link to YouTube videos.

  • Engage your community
    Your Facebook wall is a two-way street. Try to start conversations through your posts. Ask questions, offer insight, solicit opinions – and then reply to comments on your wall. The more activity the better.

    How to build up your Facebook Page
    Creating and maintaining a Facebook Page is pretty easy. The hard part is collecting fans. Here are some tips for ongoing Page development.

  • Consider Facebook ads
    These modest sidebar ads are reasonably priced, but highly effective at collecting ‘likes’. When setting up your Facebook ad, consider how your advertisement is targeted. Try different keywords and groups.

  • Build a vanity URL
    You can set up a vanity Facebook URL after you collect 25 ‘likes’. A vanity URL allows you to write your own web address such as ‘’.

  • Point to your Facebook Page
    After you set up a vanity URL on Facebook, use it everywhere. On your website, email signature file, business cards, etc.

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