Indonesian Travel Continued     -Western Java- -Jogja- -Lombok- -Bali-
By Peter Mitchell

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Moving on to Bali, we spent four days in Ubud, the craft shop center of the Island. Close to the center of town is the Monkey Temple.

Don't keep any food in your pocket!

Although Ubud is really shaped up for the tourist trade no one seems to notice these filty, pathetic stray dogs all over the place. Watch your step!

Ubud crafts are plentiful and cheap. The vendors will make great deals if you're a haggler.

Bring earplugs, the hotel walls are thin and the roosters get up very early!

Beautiful scuptures abound in Bali.


Here's a typical scene in Bali. Well fed tourists are approached by aggressive vendors. If you visit, be aware that people are going to try to sell you things morning, noon and night.

In light of the recent political developments in Indonesia, many people have asked me if I thought traveling there is still "safe". The thing to remember is that this nation is incredibly huge and diverse. Events in the cities of Java do not necessarily reflect what is happening in the whole country. My experiences in Bali and Lombok would indicated that the economy there is very dependent on the tourist trade. If I were to go again, I would feel secure visiting these, and other, areas of Indonesia. They probably need our support now more than ever. If you have questions or comments please write to

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