Indonesian Travel Continued     -Western Java- -Jogja- -Lombok- -Bali-
By Peter Mitchell

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Yogayakarta (pronounced "Jog-jya-jakarta") is referred to as the "cultural center" of Java. This drawing is of a self appointed tour guide who attached himself to our party.

There are a million guys who drive these colorful bike taxis or "Bejak's" who want to sell you their services. They charge foreigners about triple the going rate.

An interesting thing about Jogja is the bird market. Colorful birds, fish and huge buckets of maggots and crickets (bird food) are for sale there.

Outside of Jogja lies the world famous Buddhist temple of Borobudur. Local transportation is readily available to the temple for about a dollar fifty. You can easily walk from the bus station to the temple.

Bring a copy of "Siddharta" to read, dig.

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