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18 April 23

With Ned Blandski

31 January 23
An oldie but goodie

Big Project

31 January 23
Just launched after a year of work.

Good Looker

25 July 22
Very happy with how this project turned out

Fun with Breakfast Foods

12 January 22
A video I whipped up for this year's fundraising breakfast with AFBFA.

2021 Christmas Card

22 December 21

Spooky Kid!

22 October 21

Da Brooders!

22 August 21
Jay and Matt write great songs. It's a real joy to play with these fellows.

Food & Farm Video

24 September 19
I've been doing these promo videos for the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. They're an amazing client. I'm psyched about how this one turned out.

Strum Drum Daddy

30 January 18
Strum Drum Daddy is a whimsical musical act that will delight audiences both young and old. The Daddy’s perform family friendly original material and popular cover tunes. Perfect for birthday parties, fundraisers or school carnivals, this forty-minute show really brings the fun. Now booking ( We also play rock shows
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