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Baby Blogger

10 April 12
The Legit Dad and the Legit Mom are doing a baby blog (and raising a baby). Please to enjoy 100% pure baby photos.

Demolish That Pool

17 January 12
The story of the great pool demolition and yard construction.

Peter ♥ Kim

30 November 09
The archive website From my wedding in August 2009. Flickr.

Bachelorette Party

18 August 08
I was lucky to tag along with the wild ladies of the Bachelorette Party Weekend - I was the driver and staff photographer. Here's the result

Adorable Dora at the Dog Park

20 April 07

Dora is from Puerto Rico. She is a dog. She is good. Here she is in action.

Rawchester Wedding

7 July 06

Raychee Rawchee Wedding Photos scroll to the end to see sloppy Pete.

Sushi Night

20 April 06

sushi night photos including a dramatic spill sequence.

Easter at Uncle Jims

15 April 06

I’m in the process of making a documentary on my uncle. Here are some pix from his house in Mystic Conn.

Jerk Stole my Guitar

8 March 06

My guitar got stolen. That sucked. Here’s more info stolen paul reed smith – serial number 76626

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