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Social Media Infographic

16 May 13

Three Tiers of Social Media Marketing

2 May 13
Social media is the most inexpensive and accessible marketing tool in the history of modern communications. It can also be incredibly expensive, and best left to the pros. Here are three tiers of social media marketing, in order of increasing cost, to help you figure out what works best for you.

Organic Recruitment
DIY is undoubtedly the most popular approach. The only requirement is the time you’ll spend researching, testing and applying effective techniques. Here are some tips:
  • Twitter follow and retweet
  • Friend relevant Facebook pages
  • Participate in trending topics and #hash tags
  • @Reply intelligently to high-influence Twitter users
  • Take advantage of Twitter cards
  • Post promotional graphics and ask followers to share
  • Use automation tools
  • Use native reporting tools, learn how to improve reach
  • Use Facebook #hash tags and @reply
  • Engage your audience, ask questions, create dialogue
  • Discover and use new tools like Vine
  • Identify and create compelling content
  • Use the Facebook highlight feature
  • Continually test the platforms
  • Revisit and improve your profile description
  • Relentlessly research new opportunities

    Paid Outreach
    Both Facebook and Twitter offer advertising opportunities to promote businesses and grow followers. Here’s how advertising on Facebook and Twitter break down:
  • Facebook Sponsored Stories - helps people discover businesses
    through their friends. Ads appear in news feeds and are shown only to friends of those who are already following you on Facebook.
  • Facebook Right Column Advertising - can be geo-targeted, interest targeted and demographically targeted.
  • Twitter Advertising - done through promotions which appear in a user’s feed. Ads can be targeted to audiences that follow a specific organization or individual.

    Social Media Agencies
    There a number of creative agencies solely dedicated to handling social media outreach. These agencies typically use high-end research tools to get the maximum impact out of their promotions. An agency will bring insight, field-tested experience and campaign creative to the table.
  • High end research tools
  • Ability to target and reach influencers
  • Tested techniques, continual improvements
  • Time sensitivity, responsiveness, ear-to-the-ground reporting
  • Campaign creative, integrated approaches
  • Fancy reports that make middle managers look good
  • 5,200 Connections per Second

    10 April 13
    Here's a normal day...

    And "Sonics Priority Ticket List" day...

    Even with eight web servers and one mighty database server we had some downtime (30 minutes). Not the ideal outcome, but still pretty amazing to get that much traffic at once. At the end of the day, the client was happy. By the end of the campaign we had 44K signups.

    Education Initiatives in California

    11 February 13

    I produced this video for the AT&T California Public Affairs team.

    Regarding Enterprise Social

    8 February 13
    Enterprise social is easy-to-use communications software that does not impose rigid structure on users. It has no barriers to authorship, it is network-oriented, transparent and emergent. Social media has revolutionized the way people exchange information on the Internet. Social channels offer an entirely new framework for broadcasting and receiving. We’ve all heard of ‘one to many’ communications, and ‘many to many.’ Social could be thought of as ‘some to some’ communications. It allows users to share content in a manner that is generalized, but not specific. Recipients consume content in a manner that is familiar, but not anonymous. In an enterprise setting, this is an entirely new model; it’s a non-hierarchical format for cooperation. Users can disseminate new ideas or success stories without the encumbrance of tasking, or reporting. Participation is encouraged but not required. For a widely distributed workforce, enterprise social is a chance to throw ideas at the wall and see if they stick.

    Baby Blogger

    10 April 12
    The Legit Dad and the Legit Mom are doing a baby blog (and raising a baby). Please to enjoy 100% pure baby photos.

    Demolish That Pool

    17 January 12
    The story of the great pool demolition and yard construction.

    Food and Friends

    10 September 11

    Promotional video for Washington DC based non-profit organization Food and Friends.

    Kauai & Big Island Hawaii

    21 April 11
    See the man with sand boobs. See the happy wedding of Hans Prosl and Sara Akerlund. See photos of Kalalau Valley in this Hawaii slideshow.

    Buckets and Models

    10 April 11
    Pretty proud of the buckets and models I did for the CCPOA website makeover

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