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A Sneak Peek at the Ubiquitous Web

5 April 10
As broadband makes cloud based web services more convenient, and more integrated into our daily lives, we’re beginning to see what’s possible by linking services together. The latest astonishing mash-up is a natural language commander for Firefox called Ubiquity. If you’ve used application launchers like Quicksilver or Katapult this tool will seem familiar. However, where Ubiquity blows minds is that it’s seamlessly integrated with the web. For instance, if you need to research a word, Ubiquity can pull the definition directly from WordNet. It can also grab translations and maps from Google, and reviews from Yelp. The possibilities for this mash-up maker are endless as it can integrate with any open Web API. It’s a killer app, and highly recommended, even if only to catch a glimpse of what the future may bring.

Social Web Field Guide

2 January 10
Launched 2005, and acquired by CondeNast in 2006, Reddit bills itself as “the front page of the Internet.” This social news site allows users to up/down vote links to content on other sites, as well as create discussion threads on any topic. Reddit’s culture tilts towards liberal, anti-corporate and anti-religious views. However, libertarian, pro-business and free market ideologies are also represented.

Launched 2004, Digg was wildly popular at first. Like Reddit, it is a social news website that allows users to up/down vote links to content on other site. The site has been criticized in the past for being dominated by superusers who game the system to enhance their influence. In 2010, Digg lost much of its credibility after a redesign was poorly received by users.

Launched 1997, Slashdot is also similar to Digg and Reddit in that users can submit articles or create discussion threads. Users can also vote on comments and articles. Slashdot’s content tends to be conversations about "nerdy" things and technology.

Craigslist Forums
Craigslist is a centralized network of online communities featuring free online classifieds. Within this network is a popular sub-section dedicated to discussion with more than 120 million user postings in 100 topical forums. Craigslist launched in 1996, and has remained virtually unchanged in function and design. The forum community is demographically diverse.

Basically the wild west of the Internet, 4Chan started out as an image and discussion board in 2003. Today, 4Chan is a massive discussion board in which many of the Internet’s most popular “memes” have originated. 4Chan’s demographic is very young, with anarchistic, chaotic, juvenile, insider-only tendencies.

Peter ♥ Kim

30 November 09
The archive website From my wedding in August 2009. Flickr.

How Much Data Do You Use?

21 October 09
Here's a little pre-roll ad I collaborated on. The amazing doodle animation was done by my pal Jael. This ran on MSN video.

Switched Access

10 April 09
Everything you've ever wanted to know about an arcane telecom policy issue and more!

Ten Tips for Shooting a Vox Pop

2 November 08
"Vox Pop" is short for Vox Populi, in the USA we call these kind of short video interviews "Man on the Street".

  • Keep a shot list as you go.
    Include the subject's name (double check spelling) and timecode. Make notes on particularly good interviews or sections of interviews.

  • Have subject sign an appearance release form.
    Alternately, ask them on camera if it’s okay to use the video on your website and other places like YouTube.

  • Tell the subject to look at you.
    Or have them look at the camera. Just don't let them bounce back and forth.

  • Ask them to repeat the questions.
    “What's my favorite flavor of ice cream? Why, it's vanilla.”

  • It’s okay to ask the same question twice.
    Ask the subject to rephrase their response, maybe it needs to be shorter.

  • Help your interviewee self-edit.
    If they say something interesting, and then move on to something else, ask them to rephrase the interesting part.

  • Don’t record a conversation.
    It’s really hard to edit chit-chat. Let them finish their thought completely before you speak again... Don’t interrupt / comment along the way “yup”, “un hun”, “really”. If you need to cut them off, do it with the knowledge that you’re starting a new cut.

  • Get the microphone as close as possible to the subject.
    Position the subject so that nothing behind them emits or reflects reflect sound.

  • Light your subject from more than one source.
    No harsh shadows.

  • Frame your shot.
    Place your subject relatively high in the frame. Use a tripod. Do not use hand held camera. Do not zoom or pan.

South India Photo Tour

13 October 08
Here are some crazy cool pictures from my trip with Kim to South India. Stay tuned for the *full story*

Water 1st = Safe Water

19 September 08
Another great PSA that I was happy to create.
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