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Water 1st = Safe Water

19 September 08
Another great PSA that I was happy to create.

Bachelorette Party

18 August 08
I was lucky to tag along with the wild ladies of the Bachelorette Party Weekend - I was the driver and staff photographer. Here's the result

Bhutan Travel Journal

26 December 07

Here’s the story from a three week trip to Bhutan and Thailand in 2007. Check out the journal, photos and video.

Pearl Jammin

4 November 07

Here’s a screengrab of an interface I built for the activism section of Pearl Jam’s website. It lived on their site a few years ago.

Adorable Dora at the Dog Park

20 April 07

Dora is from Puerto Rico. She is a dog. She is good. Here she is in action.

Tday and Xmas

5 January 07

A collection of pix from the busy holiday season. Includes shots of the “winter blast” and photos of Allegra, the dog.

Pumpkin Patch

31 October 06

Fun times at the Washington Corn Maze.

Check Out These Babes!

10 October 06

scissor sisters on their way to see the show

Travel in Sulawesi

1 October 06

Travel pictures from last July in Indonesia.

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