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California Wedding

8 August 06

My cousin and his long time girlfriend got married on July first. Pictures and video are linked here

Rawchester Wedding

7 July 06

Raychee Rawchee Wedding Photos scroll to the end to see sloppy Pete.

Springtime Bike Ride

5 May 06

Up in the valley, they be plantin flowers. I like flowers.

Sushi Night

20 April 06

sushi night photos including a dramatic spill sequence.

Easter at Uncle Jims

15 April 06

I’m in the process of making a documentary on my uncle. Here are some pix from his house in Mystic Conn.

Jerk Stole my Guitar

8 March 06

My guitar got stolen. That sucked. Here’s more info stolen paul reed smith – serial number 76626

Lotsa ID

7 December 05

I saved all my ID photos and put them together here

Sled Board Masters

25 November 05

East Coast Style sled master video in quicktime format.

Flash Trailers for On The Boards

6 June 05

I made these little promo trailers for OTB. They’re done in Flash KT and Greco and Heavy Stuff

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